StrengthsFinder at Work – For Managers (part 1)

StrengthsFinder has become a very popular tool not just for career planning, but also for team building and managing employees, as Facebook does according to Fortune’s “Inside Facebook” (Mar 2011).

Strategy 1: Create StrengthsFinder Focused Development Plans

The first, most powerful way to use StrengthsFinder as a manager is to center your employee development plans based on individual’s talents.

Rather than create a random list of classes, books or webinars that an employee can consume as part of their development, start with their StrengthsFinder talents, and then identify opportunities at work where they can use those strengths. This may mean asking them to help another team member or shadow someone in a different role.  

You can also think about things outside the office and give the employee time to take advantage of it.  

Here are a few examples:

Help build sales materials with the marketing team (Communicators)

Attend trade shows to build their networks and practice their relational skills (Woo, Relator)

Participate in a new product design team (Futuristic, Strategic)

Organize team, company or group kickoff meeting  (Maximizer, Responsibility)

Join Toastmasters to develop public speaking skills (Communicator)

Gather competitive intelligence for the company (Learner, Input)

Next post will share Strategy #2- stay tuned.