StrengthsFinder Performance ReviewStrengths-Based Performance toolkit guides managers through a simple and effective way to set goals, coach and review performance with employees, considering the strengths philosophy throughout the performance management process.

Leveraging strengths has become a guiding philosophy of many leaders, managers, and corporations in recent years. The popularity of strengths assessments, such as StrengthsFinder 2.0, have given managers and employees an opportunity to discuss strengths as part of a performance review. This toolkit, created by Strengths Publishing, is a downloadable resource that includes how-to information and easy-to-use templates to use in a performance review and development planning conversation.

The Strengths-Based Performance toolkit includes:

  • Overview presentation – a simple 7-page presentation for managers or HR leaders to use when explaining the performance management process to employees.
  • Manager Guide – a guidebook for managers, explaining why typical performance reviews don’t work, and why focusing on strengths is the best approach. This guidebook explains each of the included templates for setting goals and reviewing performance.
  • Goal setting template – a template to use when setting performance and development goals with employees
  • Performance review template – a template to document feedback, accomplishments and development opportunities with employees
  • Coaching Guide for Managers – key questions and tips for communicating with your employees about their performance and development throughout the year


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