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Help with the online assessments:

Gallup StrengthsFinder 1.0

Frequently Asked Questions: http://sf1.strengthsfinder.com/en-us/faqs/default.aspx

– for Now Discover Your Strengths, Living Your Strengths, How Full Is Your Bucket, and Discover Your Sales Strengths

StrengthsFinder 2.0

How to Use Your Access Code – http://strengths.gallup.com/111244/How-Use-Your-StrengthsFinder-Access-Code.aspx

Frequently Asked Questions – http://strengths.gallup.com/content/faqs.aspx

Strengths Based Leadership

How to Use Your Access Code – http://strengths.gallup.com/111247/How-Use-Your-Strengths-Based-Leadership-Access-Code.aspx

Frequently Asked Questions –  http://strengths.gallup.com/content/faqs.aspx