Need to take StrengthsFinder?

Three things to get started:

#1: StrengthsFinder 2.0 Access Code

#1: StrengthsFinder 2.0 Access Code

Take the Assessment: Buy an access code from for the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment.

#2: Understand the importance of your strengths

#2: Understand the importance of your strengths

Review the book or review our book summary, so that you can start leveraging your strengths.

#3: Post and share your strengths

#3: Post and share your strengths

Share your Strengths with others using our simple sharing pages.

Leading or training your team?

Strengths Workshop Toolkit

strengthsfinder workshop presentationProvide team building using the Strengths Workshop Toolkit to help the team understand their strengths and accomplish goals. The toolkit includes:

  • Facilitator presentation – a 30+ slide presentation, 1 to 3 hours of material for leading a team presentation and workshop (MS PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat files)
  • Speakers notes – lead the workshop leveraging our experience teaching and delivering training (included in PowerPoint and as separate Acrobat file)
  • Discussion materials – included in the presentation and as a separate handout (in Word and Acrobat format)

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Using StrengthsFinder® to assess and develop your employees?

Strengths-Based Performance Reviews

StrengthsFinder Performance ReviewsDownload the Strengths-Based Performance Toolkit to create performance reviews and development plans.

  • Performance management guide for managers (PDF)
  • Performance review templates (PDF and Word .docx)
  • Goal setting template (PDF and Word .docx)
  • “Coaching Guide” for managers (PDF)
  • Overview presentation for managers or HR leaders (PDF and PowerPoint)

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StrengthsFinder® is more than a book or an assessment. StrengthsFinder® allows you to understand your unique abilities and your greatest potential for success at work, home and in your community. It has become a core tool for employees and managers at companies such as Accenture, Facebook, and GE; as well as for students embarking on their careers.

  • More than 14 million people have used Gallup’s strengths assessments to discover what they do best.
  • Debuting in 2007, the associated book has remained on the Wall Street Journal’s top 10, non-fiction book list.
  • CEOs and executives consistency list Gallup’s book as a top 50 business book to read.

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